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​Will Protein Make you Fat? The Myth Exposed!

Posted by Chad Waelchli MS, CSCS on Mar 21st 2017

Article/Supplement Review by Chad Waelchli MS, CSCS What is Protein? Protein is a macronutrient, or nutrient that is needed in large quantities, that provides roughly 4 kcals of energy per gram co … read more

Amino Calm by JBN, a Personal yet Professional Review

Posted by Chad Waelchli MS, CSCS on Mar 13th 2017

Rest, including sleep and recovery time between training sessions, is one of the most crucial components of any fitness or performance training program. Sleep, especially REM sleep, the period of … read more

Be Rad! Get Rad! Radical Fuel by Just Be Natural

Posted by Chad Waelchli MS, CSCS on Mar 9th 2017

Radical Fuel is a supplemental break through in the prevention of free radical development in the body as well as delaying the lactate threshold of training. Before getting into Radical Fuel, one mus … read more

Not all pre-workouts are created equal...

May 24th 2016

Not every workout is created equal, nor should it be, so why take the same pre-workout supplement each time you go to the gym?We've formulated 3 different but very effective energy supplements that ar … read more