Amino Calm by JBN, a Personal yet Professional Review

Posted by Chad Waelchli MS, CSCS on Mar 13th 2017

Rest, including sleep and recovery time between training sessions, is one of the most crucial components of any fitness or performance training program. Sleep, especially REM sleep, the period of the sleep cycle that a person is in their deepest sleep and where dreams occur, is vital to a person's overall health and general well being. According to the National Sleep Foundation, “1/3 of our life is spent sleeping,” but many people fall into sleep debt, or not getting enough sleep. If 1/3 of a persons life is spent sleeping, that means a person should average around 8 hours of sleep each night. But, is this really feasible or attainable? If so how can this become accomplished? Amino Calm by JBN may just be the answer!

As an exercise and performance training specialist, small business owner, fitness model, mixed martial artist, and baseball coach, I put an awful lot of stress and strain on my body, day in and day out. I also need my body to perform at a high level to coach, teach, and train, all year long. Those stressors coupled with the stressors of life and having high expectations of myself personally and professionally, keep my mind working and over analyzing and often keep me up at night, not allowing me the amount of rest my body and mind need. I tried various home remedies but nothing seemed to work, help me sleep, and feel refreshed each and every morning. That is until I was introduced to Amino Calm by JBN.

Amino Calm is a dietary supplement that promotes restful sleep and muscular repair in an all natural way. The first night I used Amino Calm per the recommended dosage, which is 30-minutes before bed, with water, on an empty stomach, I had a full restful night sleep and had a total of nine hours of sleep that night. I have been supplementing with Amino Calm for over a week now and have had a peaceful, uninterrupted nights sleep, each night I have used it. I feel more refreshed and less tired throughout the day, even during vigorous training protocols.

What makes Amino Calm such a sleep and recovery breakthrough? Amino Calm combines ZMA, a proven sleep agent, with glutamine, which a natural immune system booster, casein protein, which is a slower absorbing protein that helps the body repair and remain anabolic, and antioxidants, which help remove free radicals in the body and aid in cell repair. Amino Calm also contains L-Orthonine, which stimulates natural growth hormone production, L-Lysine, which helps convert fatty acids to energy to help reduce storage of excess fat, and L-Glysine, which aids in muscle repair.

Not only does Amino Calm help give a person a much needed restful sleep and aid in cell repair and bodily functions, but it tastes great too! The smooth chocolate flavor blends well with water and is a night time treat to look forward to! Why wait? Start sleeping more soundly today! Whether you are an athlete, general fitness enthusiast, or just want to try a natural supplement to aid in restful sleep, Amino Calm is the choice for you!