Enhance Your Workout With This Simple Supplement Pre-Workout Mixology!

Posted by Chad Waelchli MS, CSCS on May 2nd 2017

Article/Supplement Review by Chad Waelchli MS, CSCS

As an Exercise Scientist, performance specialist, sports performance coach, athlete and fitness enthusiast, I am always researching and searching for ways to better myself mentally, physically and spiritually. From breaking plateaus and barriers of training, to developing and experimenting in new training methodology, and even trying various nutritional supplements and nutritional brands, I do my best to practice what I preach and suggest and recommend only the workout methodology and supplements that I use and or have used personally and firmly stand behind. Bottom line, I only support what I feel, from a personal and professional standpoint works definitely and safely.

So, what do I feel is the best pre-workout formula? Well, as seen in a previous article review, I fully stand behind Elite V2 by JBN. It simply works, gives great muscle pumps, and enhances longevity of training. Every morning, I also supplement with JBN’s Super Lean and Fiber Shred. Super Lean is a diet and fat burning supplement packed with energy-enriched nutritional components such as green tea, yohimbe, and caffeine. Fiber Shred is a dietary fat burning supplement and probiotic enriched with fat blasting components CLA and Acetyl L-Carnitine. Following the prescribed protocol, I noticed the positive effects of these two supplements alone, taking Fiber Shred before breakfast and Super Lean with breakfast.

Since the majority of my workouts are in the morning, usually an hour after breakfast, and supplementing Elite V2 thirty minutes before working out, I thought to myself, what if I experiment by mixing Elite V2, Super Lean, and Fiber Shred together, thirty minutes before training? What would happen? How would I feel? How would my body respond to it and would there be an added benefit to my training? The results were shocking and mind blowing! Not only did I feel even more energized than by using Elite V2 alone, but also felt more mentally focused and felt I had even more motivation and could train longer and harder. I felt longer pumps and muscle fullness and I felt that I got even more out of my workout than ever before! Another great aspect was the taste. Just like all of JBN Products, the taste was and is incredible.

So, why wait any longer to help get the results you desire in a pre-workout formula? Get your grips on JBN Fiber Shred, Super LEAN, and Elite V2! Try them individually or together and let the results take care of themselves.


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