Recover with Recovery Fuel by Just Be Natural

Posted by Chad Waelchli MS, CSCS on Apr 11th 2017

Article/Supplement Review by Chad Waelchli MS, CSCS

Recovery time, and the recovery components of training, including rest, hydration, nutrition, and stretching, are key elements in the training protocol. In fact, the recovery period of training is actually where the body trains itself. Whether a seasoned veteran of competitive sport or a general fitness participant, recovery time is critical. The law of diminishing returns, basically meaning overtraining, happens when proper recovery protocols are not taken and levels of training are too metabolically demanding and training duration times are too long. So, what is the answer to enhance recovery time and improve the bodies ability to rebuild and recover? The answer is Recovery Fuel by JBN.

Recovery Fuel is an excellent, if not the best post workout nutritional supplement on the market today! Recovery fuel is not the typical post workout protein powder. Recovery Fuel is a unique, great tasting and easily mixing, nutritional blend not only of crucial vitamins and minerals that aid in normal bodily functions, but of all the crucial components to help the body repair. Recovery Fuel is a blend of whey protein concentrate and isolate with a well balanced mix of Cluster Dextrin, which is a fast absorbing carbohydrate. Recovery fuel also contains BCAA’s, or branched chain amino acids Leucine, Iso-Leucine, and Valine, which are the three amino acids most crucial for protein synthesis, muscle repair, and muscle growth. The amino acid L-Glutamine, which is a conditionally essential amino acid that aids in immune system function and cell repair induced by stress, is also founded in Recovery Fuel. Colostrum, or the first milking protein given to calves for growth, is best absorbed in the human body through powder form and is present in Recovery Fuel. Betaine is an amino acid found in Recovery Fuel that shows benefits in fighting heart disease, promotes hydration, fat loss, muscle gain, and physical performance. Lastly, but certainly not least, D-Ribose, is a carbohydrate aiding in energy (ATP) production and cardiovascular health.

From personal experience, I fully stand behind and support Recovery Fuel by JBN. I have supplemented this product without changing my workout routine for three weeks now. After only three weeks, I have noticed my ability to recovery faster, train longer, and have less delayed onset muscle soreness than before using Recovery Fuel. From a performance standpoint, I have increased my Bench Press by 15 pounds for a 6 rep max, my Hang Clean 3 rep max increased 20 pounds, and my ability to perform longer sprint intervals has improved. I also feel my body has become harder and more tone over the past 3 weeks as well!

What are you waiting for? Do you want to be able to train longer and harder with less soreness afterwards? If so, Recovery Fuel is your answer. Do you want a great tasting post workout drink that will assist in hydration and muscle growth? If so, Recovery Fuel is your answer! Bottom line, Recovery Fuel works and will work for anyone regardless of their training level and fitness goals.


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