Torch Your Arms in Ten Minutes! Ladies, Tone, Firm, and Shape Your Arms In Just Ten Minutes!!

Posted by Chad Waelchli MS, CSCS on Mar 28th 2017

Article/Supplement Review by Chad Waelchli MS, CSCS

Whether male or female, it is understood that each of us have different problem areas where unwanted excess weight is carried. Male problem areas are usually in the chest and abdomen, including the love handles, whereas women tend to struggle with excess weight in the butt, hips and arms, especially excess adipose tissue in the triceps. While both men and women strive to have defined arms, men tend to want to build big arms, while women prefer to have toned, lean arms. So ladies, what is a route to take to tone up and firm the arms? The answer is simple. Ten minutes of localized, timed training, along with a clean diet will be the answer.

Before discussing the training protocol, it is imperative to remember to warm up adequately and efficiently. Once warmed up, it is time to train! First of all, all that is needed for this workout is one set of light dumbbells and a clock or timer set. The protocol is two exercises for triceps and two exercises for biceps broken down in to two five minute sets, one set of five minutes focusing on the triceps and one set of five minutes focusing on the biceps. One minute of rest may be taken between the triceps and biceps set. The training methodology is 15 seconds of work for the first exercise, 15 seconds of rest, 15 seconds of work for the second exercise, followed by fifteen seconds of rest. This routine should be performed for five minutes continuously or five sets of each exercise and rest period without stopping.

So, what exercises for triceps and biceps are included in this training regimen? The triceps exercises are supine (lying face up) triceps extensions using a neutral grip (palms facing each other), and lying close grip presses using a neutral grip. The biceps exercises are standing biceps curls (supine grip, or palms facing up) and standing biceps hammer curls (neutral grip). Choose a weight that you can normally and properly complete a set of 10-12 reps and try to use that same weight for the entire set or until proper form is lost. If proper form is lost and/or the fifteen seconds of work can not be completed due to fatigue, drop to a lighter weight. Try to perform each exercise for as many controlled reps as possible within each 15 second increment.

There it is, the protocol to torch your arms in just ten minutes! Remember to cool down with proper static stretching, hydrate, consume your post workout nutrition (whey protein isolate or concentrate and a simple carbohydrate) and eat a clean diet to help get the results you desire! As always, make sure to contact your health professional and/or physician before partaking in any training program.


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