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Sizzle Up Your Six Pack For Summer!

Posted by Chad Waelchli MS, CSCS on Jul 11th 2017

Summer time is here and beach body season means that guns, buns, chest, and especially abs are always a physical trait everyone wants to display, on the sand, or in the park playing Frisbee with their … read more

5 Tips for New Weight Lifters

Posted by Chad Waelchli MS, CSCS on Jun 27th 2017

So, you have decided to start a weight-training program or are considering starting a program. Your ambition is admirable, but yet you are a little concerned or hesitant to begin training. Guess wh … read more

A Happy Family Is A Healthy Family. Be Fit For Father's Day!

Posted by Chad Waelchli MS, CSCS on Jun 13th 2017

Father's Day is near and I love it, because it is a day to pay respect to a man that I have tried to model my entire life after. I learned early on in life that time is the best gift you can give some … read more